Make it: Halloween

So you need a Halloween costume, eh? Well in our house that means low budget and easy to layer because being a child from New England you always have to wear long johns under your costume, lest you freeze. This year after perusing Pinterest and thinking of a costume that Oliver would enjoy I came upon the dinosaur hoodie! Brilliant. And then he just has a crazy hoodie to wear for the rest of the year. 
It is a pretty simple project and you can feasibly complete it during a solid nap time.  

Here is what you need:
1 hoodie
1-3 colors of felt or fleece (i used fleece)
Sewing machine

-Cut diamonds out of your fleece (or felt), approximately 2" in diameter
-Pin the diamonds onto the seam of the hood and all the way down the back.
-Carefully sew the diamonds down, slow and steady, particularly around the hood.
-Fold diamonds into triangle shape and stitch all the way around each individual triangle to create the spikes.
-If you are feeling ambitious, add a colorful tummy, just try to line it up better than I did.
-And that's it! Put it on your rambunctious boy or girl and let them practicing their roaring. 

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