hot and muggy necessitated a pre-dinner ice cream stop.


I'm a bit behind on the photo posts but last week was full of a sick, ear infected baby who was not sleeping and a rambunctious big boy who was not getting enough attention because of said sick baby. So needless to say, it was just a long week.  

But then we were heading into a long weekend. Memorial Day weekend. This is a weekend always full of celebration around our house. First, it is our wedding anniversary (celebrated 9 years!). Then it is my mom's birthday and of course it is Memorial Day and a great opportunity to talk to our oldest about being grateful for all of our freedoms. 

And this year we really did it up. My brother and sister-in-law came in from Seattle and a couple of my cousins and aunt and uncle all met up in Westport, MA to celebrate all together. We have a small family and we are dispersed across the country with our own lives and jobs and activities so we are pretty terrible at getting all together. But we did it! And it was a lot of fun. Thank you to all of my family who travelled so we could enjoy so much needed time together. 

 my fam.
ice cream coma
 so much love
baseball with uncle matty


Spring has sprung and both of the kiddos are growing like weeds. Oliver is looking more and more grownup with each passing week and he is navigating the ups and downs at school and the playground with much more poise (well most of the time). I really feel like he has grown up so much during this school year (and yes, I'm well aware that I probably say this every year). 

Speaking of weeds. Can we talk about how big Huck is! So we just had our 12 month appointment and let me tell you he is a healthy boy. Here are his stats: weight 24lbs 6oz (92%), height 31.25" (89%), Head circumference 49.5 cm (100%).  Huck is so social at these appointments and even with four (!) shots he was all smiles by the time we left the office. Our Dr. said he looked great and was ahead of the pack both verbally and physically (pat on the back) but that it was time to pull the cord on his occasional 2am snack. Matt and I are both lamenting that move, not because we enjoy waking up at 2am but because of the wrath which will be released upon us by said curly haired baby. 

We are looking forward to yet another busy weekend full of swim class, baseball, birthday parties and Oliver's very first trip to Fenway Park to the see Red Sox play the Indians (I will do my best to have him don his Red Sox hat, although he is going with Matt).  


Two boys. A diner. And some crayons. Sort of sounds like an opening line to a joke, no? But really it's so fun seeing Huck and Ollie begin to "play" with each other. Bashing is the name of the game more often than not for Huck but Oliver will patiently draw something with Huck's hand to show him the correct way. 

Oliver, the consummate rule follower and teacher and at times a bit of a dictator for there is only one way to do many a things, ahem, his way! I am excited to watch these two boys grow closer together as Huck gets older and can participate a bit more. I know that there will be more disagreements too seeing as the only color crayon that Huck was allowed was the yellow one because well, I'm not sure but that was the rule, so says Oliver. 


And just like that, my baby is one. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by.  Henry Sylvan came into this world with a sweet, sly, smile on his face and he has not stopped charming us since. He is a wonderfully giggly boy who showers everyone and I mean everyone with flirtatious smiles.

One thing that I worried endlessly about when I was pregnant was how would Oliver adjust. He was an only child for close to five years before he gained a brother. Oliver continues to amaze me with his caring demeanor and deep rooted love he has for his baby brother. I certainly hope this foundation is one that the two of them stretch and grow from as they get older.

Huck, thank you for joining our family. I hope that you always find joy in body slamming your snuggly friends before sleeping soundly, that you continue to make it your mission to pick up every piece of fuzz from the rug, that you smile with unadulterated joy every time you see me, your dad or your brother, that you continue to be fearless in your exploration of your world and that your sensational skills for making spit bubbles whilst humming a tune never wavers. Love you little bug. Happy Birthday.

Humble Handmade

After a bit of a hiatus from sewing for anyone other than myself or a few friends I have decided to dust off both my machine and my Etsy site and do a reboot! Nothing fancy, hence the name Humble Handmade but something to keep my creative juices a float. As of right now I just have been using up my fabric stash to create colorful bibs and napkins but I have also set up a Spoonflower account where I have designed my own fabrics and I am waiting on the samples to come in the mail.

So have a peek. Let me know your thoughts and pass it along.


This past week has been a long one. A grey, cloudy, rainy week. But also a week full of moments of simple play. Both Huck and Ollie have had moments of play that made me so happy as a mama. Huck played with his blocks, with his books, tried to dismantle our kitchen and painted a bit at his playgroup class. Oliver was busy at school and came home to a new found love of coloring books and played setting up elaborate scenarios for his cars and planes. It is such a treat to see your kids embrace their creativity and imaginations and I look forward to watching the two of them grow together as brothers. I also look forward to more sleep...now hand me all the coffee.

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