Wrapping up the holidays

I will be back to more regular posts apr├Ęs the holiday season. Enjoy the last throws of 2013...

A Day Out.

We went to the Institute of Contemporary Art this morning. I love going there with my boys. Oliver really enjoys it and today he got his own sketch pad and man did I melt when he would sit down and "draw" what he saw. 
Heading up to the galleries.

Could he be any cuter?

I mean really?!

Entranced by the video art.

Watching the boats.

Being cheeky. 

Really cheeky...clearly I was not amused.

But still adore him.

My boys.

Budding artist.

Makes mama proud. 

Down we go. 

We headed to a cute new restaurant across the street for lunch.

Loving his o.j. In a fancy glass.

Flatbread with figs and goat cheese.


Jamming. Pretending to lay down some beats!

Back home we go to enjoy some quietly falling snow. 


Nearly down to the end of the 52 count. Handsome boy on a fabulous Christmas morning. Gearing up for an amazing 2014. 

Merry, merry.

Just a couple of pics from our Christmas Day. Oliver was feeling much better, thank goodness. We had a great morning filled with presents and coffee and breakfast. Followed by a lot of playing with new toys! Merry, merry. 

Poor bug.

My poor bug. Sicky boy for Xmas. He is rallying but I feel so badly. Nothing like heading to the doctor on Xmas eve day. 

Here come the holidays!

Decorating sugar cookies...

Very proud. 

We built a snowman on a 50 degree day. Quick before the snow melts!

Yum...only eat the clean snow! Hard to do when you live in the city. 

4 days and counting. 

Link it: Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Here we go! The final countdown to the big finale! My last gift guide is for the first thing that get peeked into on Christmas morning, the stocking. Sometimes left to the last minute pharmacy run to fill with silly toys and candy, so why not try to fill it with some unique items this year. 
tiny studs from Elephantine. I own these and adore them. they are teeny and go with everything and add just a small bit of unassuming sparkle to your lobes.

candy cane shoelaces. we all have sneakers or boots with laces so why not jazz up a pair with some festive candy cane laces.

Peppermint Joe Joe's. ummm, chocolate cookie dipped in dark chocolate with peppermint bits sprinkled all over. perfection.

EOS lip balm. these are the best lip balms and the the twist top keeps it safe in your bag or car.

Kikkerland survival tool. Everything you need for "survival" including the ever necessary bottle opener. 

So there you have it! The last hurrah before the big event. Enjoy the time with family and friends, i know we will. 

Love it: Nan-made objects

When we went out west this past summer we were in Portland, OR for a beautiful wedding. I sure do love that town and my delightful husband let me go out meandering one day while Oliver napped at the hotel. I stopped into some cute shops and ended up purchasing a lovely little clutch (see last picture) that incorporated a vintage piece of a Pendleton blanket. The clutch was designed by nan-made objects. Since then I have followed her online and she had been picked up to design for Patagonia but you can still find some inventory on her Etsy site. So get an orignal piece before they get supremely popular! 

Look at all of the beautiful colors!

Perfectly sized clutch.

My own from Portland, OR


Super cool, bundled up and ready to go find our Christmas tree!

Over the weekend we ticked a lot of holiday must do's off. We quested and cut down our own Christmas tree, we met with Santa and we decorated our house for the impending holiday. Pretty much before and after any nap or bedtime Oliver asks if Santa is coming. And upon the disappointment that it is not in fact christmas he bemoans and questions eagerly, "why is Santa taking so long to get here?!". It is pretty adorable how invested he is this year and it makes me that much more excited for his jubilation come christmas morning. Below you will see some snaps from out tree cutting excursion as well as our other activities. 

Documenting the day just like mama. 

Found it! Now get to work. Oliver was eager to help.

Tada! We did it!

Ok, jut call me Sherpa. At this point Oliver demanded to be carried so that left me with the camera, the tree, and the saw. Great.

No tears this year!

Mr. Bedhead helping with the lights. 

All done. Now it is starting to feel festive round here. 


At sing-a-long. Engaged.

At sing-a-long. Cheeky.

At sing-a-long. Snuggly.

All perked up at lunch afterwards.

Love him.

Family love.

1 week until Christmas! 

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