climbing trees...one of my favourite childhood activities.

mr. blue eyes. loving his deep blue eyes for now seeing as they will probably morph and change as he gets bigger. 

Summer is here! Huzzah! Oliver has his last day of school today and this weekend Matt has planned a surprise birthday weekend trip for me with all of my boys. I am excited to get away and just a little anxious about how Huck will do but I suppose you have to start traveling at some point. It will be a good trial run in our travel crib before we head to Michigan later in the summer.

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first day/last day

first day of school, 2014

last day of school, 2015

I would say it is not as drastic of a physical change as it has been in the past but Oliver certainly has accomplished a ton this year in school.  He started his year at Evergreen preschool and ended his year at Tobin Montessori as an "MK" (we call is mini-kindergarten). So even with switching school environments and friends Oliver has flourished. He can proficiently write his own name and can write words when spelled out letter by letter. He is learning how to stretch words to sound them out and he generally shows a passion for books and I know that reading is not too far off. He loves school. He loves his buddies and I am thrilled that he is in an environment which embraces his love of books, Batman, games, recess and friends. 





This summer marked Oliver's first experience with baseball or rather t-ball. He was on the KC royals primarily because it was the "blue" team. His buddy, Nathan was on the same team and they had a ball learning the ropes. It was mostly a boy event meaning that Matt generally took him and then I would meet up with them at swim class (our Saturdays were a bit busy). All in all it was a fun filled experience so click through for a whole bunch of photos documenting his baseball experience. 


my son is the goofy one. 

eye on the ball!



follow through...



another week and I'm trying to get some better shots of both boys. but this week it is an iphone photo week. I have a whole second post about t-ball with some great shots that Matt took but I will get to those on another day. we are rounding the bend of the school year and although I am excited for Oliver to wrap up his year I have really enjoyed knowing his schedule day to day. He is doing a bit of summer camp and I am looking forward to some beach excursions and playing at the park with friends but I know the adjustment to having a lot of his day filled with activities to a lesser packed day will be a bit bumpy at times. Oliver is a total busy body and thrives on activities and routine (ahem...his father's child in that way). 

and then there is this guy! Huck is a good baby and we are trying to stay optimistic with his sleeping abilities. I had to go out and buy a breathable bumper because he is spinning himself around like a sundial at night and this morning got his little legs stuck between the slats of the crib...can I remind you that he is only 5 weeks old! yikes.  

it helps when you make that face, Oliver! oh and ps. he calls the binky a sucker. love him. 

Oliver continues to be a great big brother and all of the push back seems to be resting on his parent's shoulders which I suppose is far better that being resentful towards Huck. But his moods have been magnified. Good is great and bad is terrible. Dinnertime is an especially trying time of the evening and you throw in the fact that he is the world's slowest eater and you can see why some nights I just want to give in and feed him hotdogs every night!

we have also been getting a few awake smiles and smirks. I feel like I should have my camera glued on Huck so as to catch the elusive smile but they very sweet and there is something visceral about seeing your baby smile. It makes me immeasurable happy. Also he occasionally laughs in his sleep which is awesome. 


Happy bug at his school tea party. The kiddos were all so proud of the hard work they put into setting up the party, baking the treats and reciting the poems. It was a really fun morning and plus look at my cheeky boy, he looked so handsome in his dapper outfit. 

Mini man in the most fitting shirt he owns. Huck is starting to get on a glimmer of a schedule which is nice. The one thing that makes him super mad is, you guessed it being hungry! He has been sleeping in his own crib in his own room so his rampant sleep noises are further afield which is nice for everyone's sleep. 

me and my two bugs. 

breakfast date with Batman.

lots of intense toddler conversations these days.  

flying super-mega-wicked high at the park.  

random niceties around town. 


reading a whole slew of new books from friends these days. also note his "retro" t-shirt of Smashing Pumpkins. Thanks for making me feel old, Target. 

sweet mini man. we are slowly but surely figuring out this guy's sleep schedule but one thing is for sure, he likes to eat.  

waking Oliver up from a rest. boy snuggles.



last Saturday Oliver and I had a Mama+Oliver date to the Museum of Science. 

pixelated duo

silly duo.

cheeky man 

we celebrated Matt's birthday with lemon cupcakes with raspberry and strawberry frosting.

happy birthday! make a wish.  

eager helper. 

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