Next up on the photo dump timeline is Sydney! We stayed in two different spots in Sydney. The first spot was near Manly Beach, which was quiet and lovely and a bit out of the way. The next space that we stayed was near Clovelly Beach which was closer to downtown Sydney. Sydney was a bit unexpected in some ways. It was A LOT bigger than I expected. It was a sprawling city, a bit like L.A. and the transportation was lack luster. The ferries were great but other than that you had to get on a city bus. There were no trams or trains. Which was surprising seeing as they have hosted the Olympics. But the what is wonderful about Sydney? The beaches! Going to the beach with the boys. Having Ollie go surfing for his 6th birthday. Swimming out beyond the break at Bondi Beach. Those are the big take aways for me.  So click through for a whole mess of pictures.


It's Monday. It's cold and windy and generally a day where I would like to curl up with a book and coffee. Alas that is not in the cards. Huck and I have kept ourselves busy with cooking and Ollie has been building cool cars out of legos that mustn't be touch while he's at school. 

After of weekend of highs (the women's march in Boston) and lows (the Donald is now mr. president). I'm donning my fuzzy socks, cooking warm meals and getting ready to participate in the women's march 10 actions/100 days ( 

Because those two boys deserve better. We all deserve better. 




Ok, I'm back. My computer has been on the fritz and I still need to get it totally up to speed  but I can actually access my pictures. So here are all of the photos from our two week Melbourne installment of our adventure. Scroll on through and have a visual adventure.


Lots of character to go around in this house. 

Oliver is my rock climbing, skiing, ballet dancing rock star. He continues to impress me with his ability to embrace the unknown and go against the grain. He of course also wants, yearns to be in the cool group but I admire his ability to stay true to his truest self no matter what. 

Huck has a lot to say these days. A lot. He is constantly chatting. Expressing opinions. 

We have been settling back into our routines of school, work, and sleeping in our own beds. And although at times I yearn for the spontaneity of travel and living with a limited wardrobe, I am also so happy to be home. In our house. In our neighborhood. Surrounded by the expected comfort of the everyday. 


Los Angeles. Auckland.

Ok. Here we go. I am finally getting around to posting the pictures of our epic family adventure to New Zealand and Australia. I am going to break it into four parts and as much as I want to sit down and write out all of the details, let's be honest I'm trying to compile all of this during Huck's nap time and I just cannot do it all. So consider this a pictorial journey broken down by location.  Ready? Yes. Let's do it.

Los Angeles. Santa Monica Pier. LAX.


Setting up for another year of pictures. Of course I have aspirations of shooting all my images this year on my big girl digital camera or heck even shoot all film or Polaroids. But alas, the phone lives in my pocket, my bag, my car. It's there. It's easy. It's what I know I will use in a pinch.  So here's to another year of weekly images to watch my boys grow and change. 





Delicious red orbs filled with juicy, sweet, tart arils that can be stubborn to extract from its smooth red exterior. I've tried the cut open and smack the back with a spoon method.  I've tried the cut it open and extract the seeds under water method. I've tried the hack into four sections and pop out the seeds all over your kitchen method. Most of these methods leave my hands stained for days and an puny amount of seeds to sprinkle on my yogurt or toss into a salad.

But fear no more. I have cracked the pomegranate code! Behold the video below shows you the way that you too can get all of the lovely, sweet and crunchy little seeds of love out of your pomegranate.

Pomegranate from Alice Lehrer on Vimeo.

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