Next up on the photo dump timeline is Sydney! We stayed in two different spots in Sydney. The first spot was near Manly Beach, which was quiet and lovely and a bit out of the way. The next space that we stayed was near Clovelly Beach which was closer to downtown Sydney. Sydney was a bit unexpected in some ways. It was A LOT bigger than I expected. It was a sprawling city, a bit like L.A. and the transportation was lack luster. The ferries were great but other than that you had to get on a city bus. There were no trams or trains. Which was surprising seeing as they have hosted the Olympics. But the what is wonderful about Sydney? The beaches! Going to the beach with the boys. Having Ollie go surfing for his 6th birthday. Swimming out beyond the break at Bondi Beach. Those are the big take aways for me.  So click through for a whole mess of pictures.

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