And just like that, my baby is one. I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by.  Henry Sylvan came into this world with a sweet, sly, smile on his face and he has not stopped charming us since. He is a wonderfully giggly boy who showers everyone and I mean everyone with flirtatious smiles.

One thing that I worried endlessly about when I was pregnant was how would Oliver adjust. He was an only child for close to five years before he gained a brother. Oliver continues to amaze me with his caring demeanor and deep rooted love he has for his baby brother. I certainly hope this foundation is one that the two of them stretch and grow from as they get older.

Huck, thank you for joining our family. I hope that you always find joy in body slamming your snuggly friends before sleeping soundly, that you continue to make it your mission to pick up every piece of fuzz from the rug, that you smile with unadulterated joy every time you see me, your dad or your brother, that you continue to be fearless in your exploration of your world and that your sensational skills for making spit bubbles whilst humming a tune never wavers. Love you little bug. Happy Birthday.

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