Make it: my Halloween costume

Ok, so I have shown you what Oliver will be for Halloween but what about me? I adore coming up with costumes for Ollie but I always struggle with what I should do.  I don't want anything too fussy and I want to be able to tuck it away and pull it out year after year.  A witch's hat? A pair of cowboy boots? Nope. A red cape made from a bright red twin flat sheet from the Ikea sale bin? Yes! And in the blink of an eye I become: Little Red Riding Hood!

So, if you too are looking for an easy, yet fabulous Halloween costume then follow along below.

11/2 yards of cotton, velvet, fleece fabric (I used a cotton twin flat sheet)
sewing machine or fabric glue

Cut out two pieces of fabric: one, 36x12" and the second, 49x42" (this makes a medium length cape so lengthen or shorten as you deem fit)

Now you take you larger piece (49x42") and fold the 42" side down about 2", then you are going to cut a small cut at 1" and then every 2"'s thereafter until you reach the end of the fabric. Set this aside.

Next you are going to take the 36x12" piece of fabric and fold it in half.  Sew or fabric glue one of the long sides, this will become the back of the hood. Once sew or glued, fold down the short end about 1" and repeat the cutting technique from above; first cut at 1" inch and continue every 2" until at the end.

Cut a 1" wide piece of fabric from you scraps about 40" or so. Or you could use a ribbon.

Lay the bottom of the cape flat and line up the hood with the seam facing down.  Find you two 1" spaced cuts and weave your piece of fabric or ribbon through both the cape and the hood then continue weaving in and out of the cuts until you reach the end.  Scrunch the cape so that is becomes flush with the hood. And voila! You are finished.  Place the hood on you head, tie with a bow and drape over you shoulders.  

Tada! Ready to go.  You can really wear this with whatever you want but you could wear a dress with tights to complete the look and carry a sweet little basket.


original tutorial found on YouTube.

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