My happy little lumberjack singing silly songs and making us both giggle on the way to school. Oliver has really blossomed this year in school (his 2nd year of pre-school). He is a sweet, empathetic little guy who has found a love of crafts and also climbing to the highest peak on the jungle gym. He affectionately talks about his "buddies" at school even if he still struggles with remembering their names! I love dropping him off so happy to engage in the morning and then picking him up after lunch full of ideas and stories.  I feel like he has grown leaps and bounds in just the past few weeks so I can hardly imagine the little man I will be confronted with in the next few months.

Keep reading for more bits and bobs from the weekend and beyond.

On Saturday, we rode our bikes to the Red Sox Parade.

It was exciting and Oliver was very patient waiting for the "baseball boys" to come around on their duck tour boats.

Love that dirty water.

We have fun together.


Cool dude ready to ride.

Cruising home on an exceptionally gorgeous fall Saturday.

Deep in conversation with Thomas the tank engine.

This is what friends-giving looks like with a bunch of toddlers! It was a blast.

This is what your dog looks like after friends-giving is over.

At daddy's boathouse. Not a bad view, right?  Community Rowing Inc.

Bay of boats.

He knows his way around.

Stopped for a coffee and I was a bit surprised to see the holiday cups at Starbucks?! Already? 

We call that the ski jump nose, gets that from his mama.

Eggs and coffee for me. 

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