Link it: Gift Guide for Littles

Seeing as my son's birthday party is this weekend I will attribute my gift guide this week to all of the sweet little people celebrating the holiday season.
Bla Bla knit dolls. They are just gorgeous. Oliver has a blue eyed monkey, affectionally know as Mr. Blue Eyes, catchy i know. But the dolls are soft, sweet and beautifully well crafted.

IKEA Kritter table. We just purchased this sweet petite table and chairs from IKEA a couple months ago so Oliver could have a spot to do his drawing and painting other than the kitchen floor. It is simple and inexpensive so when he grows out of it I will not be crushed.

Land of Nod toy truck. Don't they just have the best selection of toys? I love the retro styling of this truck and hello! the doors open, big plus around here.

Fjallraven Kanken backpack. This is a great durable and colorful way for your child to bring their things to school and the mini one is so appropriately sized for toddlers. Oliver loves having a bag just for him, especially on trips.

Hanna Andersson tights. Confession, I sort of love these tights for me! But they would be equally as sweet with a little girl's holiday dress.

Dwell Studio play set. Dwell makes beautiful bedding but they also have a great collection of simple, sweet toys that encourage imaginative play which is always a plus at our house. No batteries!

Minnetonka Slippers. Seeing as we keep our house a little on the cool side and socks can be just a hassle when you are busy building small cities and leading train explorations, I think a pair of delightfully soft slippers would fit the bill nicely.

So there you have it, a few fun and playful ideas for the sweet little ones in your life.

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