Taste it: Ricotta grilled cheese...it's like lasagna between two slices of bread

Here is a super simple and amazingly creamy new way to enjoy everyone's winter favourite, grilled cheese. First, you get some whole milk (none of that part skim stuff please) and you chop up about twontablespoons each of basil and oregano or use the dried stuff just use less. Mix that with a healthy dash of salt and pepper into you ricotta, I'd say about 1/2 cup for two large sandwiches. Set aside.
Now let's discuss the bread. You are going to want to get some really tasty, hearty bread because there are so few ingredients at play.  I decided to go with a beautiful focaccia bread with rosemary and onion bejeweled atop but sourdough or a cracked wheat would be lovely too.

Here's the fun part. Smear a generous amount of the ricotta mixture on one side of your bread. Don't be shy with the spread but too over zealous and you will create a bit of a mess in the pan.

Now top your ricotta with,ahem, more cheese. Shredded mozzarella. Now at this point you could dress this sandwich up; add sliced tomatoes or shredded chicken or prepared eggplant, you get the idea. But I kept is simple.

Bang your sandwich into a hot pan with a bit of olive oil, not butter and grill until you have reached golden brown, melts perfection.

Remove from the pan and let is cool for just a min so the cheese does not glop out all over. Cut and enjoy. I like to keep the lasagna feel and serve the sandwich with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, but tomato soup would be grand as well. 

And that is it! Yummy, gooey grilled cheese with really simple yet tasty ingredients. 

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