Taste it: Somerville Winter Farmers Market

One of the things that I enjoy about living in the city is the access to farmers markets, especially in the spring and summer months but alas most of the farms close in the winter so there are less markets to choose from. Enter the delightful and beautifully staged Somerville Winter Farmers Market which takes place every Saturday morning in the dark dreary days of winter.  It is a gem of a place, chock full of apples and dark leafy greens and a jovial man who sells ginormous carrots. They often have live music and of course the highly coveted Union Square Donuts (more on them another day). All in all it is a fab place to wander around and gather some tasty ingredients for a lovely winter soup, pasta or side dish. 

rich, dark leafy greens; swiss chard, kale and arugula.

colorful carrots and crunchy apples.

surveying the situation from up on high.

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