Make it: DIY Twisted Headband

Who has old tank tops and t-shirts that are headed to a donation pile? I know I do. I try to go through my clothes every now and again to get rid of really old stuff or things that I do not wear anymore. So when I came across this tutorial about how to turn soft t-shirts into a headband, I jumped at the idea.

Turns out it is super easy and I think these headbands are great for working out or helping with a bad hair day. 

Click through for the full tutorial.

First, find a well loved tank top or t-shirt that does not fit or is just ready for a new life.

Cut off the bottom finished hem.

Measure about 7 inches from the bottom and cut.

stretch out your piece of material into an oval.

then twist.

and twist again and again. that's three times around.

Fold the loops and you will have your headband. The knot is in the front and it crosses in the back. Now be aware that the smaller the shirt, the smaller the headband and vice versa so they may vary in tightness.

tada! A simple refashion from a garment to a headband.  And best of all you can wash them easily and it did not cost you a penny to make.  

original tutorial: The 11th Thread

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