Sometimes I look at him and I cannot get over how big he is! A full fledged person who grows and expands right in front of my eyes, truly crazy. He seems to have turned a corner these past few days in regards to his moodiness but man we had some rough days. Whining is a form of torture I am sure. We have had a few tastes of Spring and it is glorious. We even busted out his scoot bike yesterday and rode to the park down the street. What a treat. 

Click through for a bundle of pictures from the park and our adventures as of late.

my handsome boy.

Ready to ride!

thrilled to be outside!

look mama! no hands! 

scoot. scoot. scoot.

off to the park.

running laps...get the crazies out!

See? When did he get so big? 

tire swing!

a fun sign at Whole Foods.

green juice to sip while shopping.

Weck jars shining brightly in a display.

mini daffodils.

the flowers seem so colorful right now because we have yet to see any pop from the ground! 

an amazing book titled Beauty Everyday. I feel like it is something I relate to, a book full of beautiful images that at first blush seem very ordinary.

Soaking in the sunshine and waiting for Daddy to come home from work.

we were being silly beans at dinner.

fuzzy but sweet. 

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