Make it: Maple Syrup

Ok so we did not technically make the maple syrup but we did head out to Drumlin Farm this weekend and partake in their sugaring event, complete with a pancake breakfast! It was a lot of fun and Oliver loves going to the farm and a big bonus was that we got to see newborn lambs and a mama goat had her baby kids while we were there.

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the giant evaporator turning sap into maple syrup, the air smelled so sweet!

Drumlin Farm is a part of Mass Audubon so they do some great programming. 

watching intently (note his very own vermont maple syrup truck that came along on the farm!)

wood for the fire to run the evaporator.

 although he looks skeptical, Oliver ate almost all of his pancake (bear shaped, of course)


after our tummies were full we headed back out to the farm to visit all of the animals.

puddle to the little ones, not the small ponds that lined parts of the path.

chicken coop, still wish we had a yard for our own.

it was a beautiful, blue bird sky kind of day. 

baby, baby lambs! Oliver was obsessed.

the little black lamb was climbing on top of his mama. pretty cute. 

 a new little lamb. 

so sweet.

inside the main barn.

moooooo cows.

a beautiful, fun filled day at the farm. 

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