Sunday Excursion: Donuts, Taxidermy and Hibiscus Tea

Sounds like an interesting day, eh?  Oliver and I started our day with a sweet treat then it was off to the airport to pick up Matt after which we went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and capped off our outing with lunch at a family favourite, Clover.

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I know you have all had a donut but if you have never tasted a fresh made one and you live anywhere near Somerville, MA you must run, not walk over to Union Square Donuts. Their donuts are supremely tasty and I'm not the only one who feels this way as they were just listed in Zagat's 50 States, 50 donuts.

I mean come on now! So decadent and big enough to share. Oliver was immediately drawn to the "birthday " donut which is encrusted in brightly colored sprinkles whereas my favourite is the vanilla bean.  
Get there early because they sell out pretty darn fast!

Joy with chocolate frosting.

I was swatting little hands away to get this shot, but it was just oh so pretty. 

After we picked up Matt from the airport we decided to go to Harvard Museum of Natural History because on Sundays if you live in Cambridge you get in for free! 

It is a pretty interesting spot and has a massive hall full of taxidermy and fossilized specimens originally constructed in 1872 it was recently renovated but still has the feel of walking around an antiquated collection. 

Oliver's favourite today were the buffalo.

In one of the halls we were able to do some sketching (with a blue pencil, of course!).

I carried him all the way back to the car and was paid in a plethora of kisses...the best kind of payment. 

Our last stop of the day was Clover for lunch. Not only is it super tasty but at the Inman Square location they do a lot of their prep work for the other locations so Oliver loves to watch the chopping and cooking as we eat our chickpea fritter and rosemary french fries. We also always share a hibiscus tea and it is a battle to get a sip in over Oliver, he adores it and I find it very funny to have a three year old request a hibiscus tea with his lunch!

It is always fun to check out the placemats, I mean artwork.

fresh should have seen the mountain of brussel sprouts in the back!

A fun family day and we are all happy to have Matt home from his weekend getaway. 

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