Bubbles at the park. Even though we are still a bit chilly if the sun does not come out, it is still so nice to spend time outside.

Click through for a medley of pictures.

getting sooo big!

singing a new favourite, "Team" by Lorde 

a wonderful day with Olivia and Nicole. 
Oliver and Olivia...buddies for almost 3 years!

My college roommate came to visit, yay for Auntie Ellen. 

silly array of toys at Black Ink.

A great mutual friend came down from Maine, so fun to hang out with Ellen and Jaimie.

Before the weekend was over we headed to another tasty spot in Kendall Sq. called Area Four to enjoy some brunch.

everything is cooked in a wood fired oven.

waiting patiently for our table.

we have matching red boots!

chilling at the market, eating cranberries.

helping daddy.

reading with daddy.

a rainy, rainy day equals a bit of movie time.

i love finding amazing magazines on sale! 

 a bit of reading with friends.

scooting off to the park!

scooter brigade!

the boys are getting more adventurous...let the tree climbing begin.

ring around the rosies. 

parked "vehicles"

really looking forward to spending A LOT of time at the park in the coming weeks!

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