today was Oliver's last day of school. It is crazy to think that he is finished with his second year of pre-school. He was so sweet saying good bye to his friends and his fabulous teachers. He just keeps getting bigger and his vocabulary is through the roof. He is cheeky and pushing buttons but then he comes out with hilarious phrases and antics. I love to hate this phase, this age, and yet I know it will keep on shifting and he will keep on growing. I am looking forward to the summer time trips and beginning to really seed some good, strong memories in my bug's head. Here's to summer!

scooting down the bike path. he is getting so good and FAST! 

looking like a late 60's rockstar.

we went to the Harvard Coop story hour last week and it was about pets, Oliver made a pet rock. so cute.

exploring the neighborhood. 

sweet boy...hand on my shoulder.  

eating cake at Benjamin's birthday. 

the days of water play have begun! 

a day exploring at Walden Pond. I took Oliver and his buddy Eliot to splash and play for the morning at Walden Pond.  It was a beautiful day and the only downside was all of the pollen, all of the yellow on the water is a thick layer of pollen! ahhhh, my allergies and lungs were not pleased. 

good thing Oliver does not have allergies.  

perfect weather...cool breeze and bluebird sky. 

sunnies and a hat...my uniform for the summer.

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