back to life...back to reality. that is always how it feels after a trip. there is laundry to be done, food to be restocked but if you are lucky then you get to go to a free outdoor concert with neighborhood friends and run up and down gigantic hills until you collapse on the grass. not a bad summer day.  click through to see some more pictures.

there he goes... 

fun music by The Surviving Kenneally's, a bit of bluegrass, folk and indie rock meshed together.  

Oliver takes his music and fun times very seriously (ps. Katie B, check out the v-neck!). 

beautiful night.  

the first few tomatoes have arrived. this year we planted sweet red grape tomatoes and cute yellow pear tomatoes. 

a tasty IPA by a local Massachusetts brewery, Pretty Things.

making sure everything is just right. 

reading books to his fuzzy friends this morning in bed. 

everyone got a turn to pick a book.

folding laundry goes much faster with an iced americano and a couple new magazines to read, don't you agree?
moving on to the next bit of excitement. Grandma is coming to town (my Mother in law) and we are headed back to the ball park on Saturday!

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