Head of the Charles Regatta, 2014

Every year down by the banks of the Charles River, one of my favourite events occurs; The Head of the Charles Regatta, one of the largest head races for rowing the world. It is a spectacle of sport and even if you do not know a thing about rowing it is a wonderful excuse to go down to the river and see a beautiful event. Personally, it is a family affair for us. Matt works as a rowing coach and director of coaching education at Community Rowing Inc. One of Oliver's favourite activities is going to "daddy's" boathouse to see the boats and erg. And of course rowing is how Matt and I met (insert awww). We both participated in the club rowing program at Denison University and during my freshman year I had the pleasure of coxing the woman's eight in the Head of the Charles.  

my two bugs.

such a handsome boy.


watching more closely

bonus, there was a race car in the Vespoli tent and Oliver got to "drive" it.

on the winner's stage.

with daddy. 

it was a gorgeous day. 

wrapping up the day before we head home.

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