my bug. my boy. my big blue-grey eyed mini date on the town. I may be feeling a wee bit emotional today because you see this week is his new week at his new school. Yesterday was his first day and he was so excited and proud all day at school until I picked him up and then he was a cranky mess. So then cue this morning which started out just fine around the breakfast table but quickly crumbled in the car. He started listing off things that he missed about his old school and that he did not want to go to his new school. I was trying my best to be cheerful with him but as soon as we parked the car the tears started and Oliver clung to me with every fiber of his being. And he stayed that way until I extracted him and gave him a kiss and hug and I tearfully left the room. I know he will rally and have fun and I hope we can keep him on the up swing for the end of the week.  

So before school started we had and Oliver/Mama dater.  We did our third installment of a hand cut silhouette by Erik Johnson. He is an amazing 3rd generation silhouette artist and I highly recommend getting a beautiful memento for your home.  

reading a passel of superhero books at the Brookline Booksmith

We ran around like crazy people at Joey's Park in Belmont. 

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