ok so here we go again! I'm jumping on the 52 Project band wagon again. I know that some people use their beautiful DSLR cameras with every shot and I think I will try to really focus on one photo a month but the rest will most likely be off of my iphone. because let's be honest that's turned into my primary camera. 

So let's start with the cuteness above. Oliver was "reading" The House at Pooh Corner to me after a rest. I love that he is in a full bed for moments like this because I climbed in to his snuggly bed and we chatted and he "read" for upwards of 45mins. Recently I have found myself thinking about all the newness heading our way in a few months and I feel like I want to mentally record these sweet quiet moments with my bug. 

playing a new matching game that Ollie got for xmas.

chilling out with a sweet bday gift from Auntie Liz.

and before the holidays completely wrapped up I got away for a ladies day out with Abby and Liz (we have know each other 25 years or even more!) crazy, huh? 

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