Snow Day(s)

A smattering of photos from our snowy adventures. A bluebird sky day after grey skies and wind is the best way to get outside and enjoy the snow, even if was a bit chilly.  

click through for photos of our snowed in days.

a fun Sunday brunch at the Deluxe Town Diner before the storm rolled in. 


all bundled up and ready to shovel and play. 

climbing the back deck mountain. 

a standing snow angel! that's what happens when there are massive snow drifts on the patio.  

we had just a little bit of shoveling to do. 

our neighborhood looking a bit different. 

this is what happens to a car that parks on the street during a snow emergency.  

all shoveled out...well mostly.  

snow day two. sledding adventure. We headed over to Danehy park with some friends for the best sledding hill in our neighborhood. 

ready, set... 


snack break. 

walking home. The snow really does make the landscape picturesque and beautiful. 

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