happy friday the 13th. this weekend we are looking at another snow storm and I am trying to gain some perspective on this matter. I am a winter person. I love the snow and I love being outside in the snow but it has been challenging with the continuous blows we have been hit with over the past few weeks. We have gone sledding, built a snow cave in our own personal snow mountain on our patio, romped in the park until our toes are numb and then come inside for hot cocoa. We have baked cookies and tried new recipes. We are trying...really, really trying but it is tough. The sun is shining today and in the effort of finding the positive I have opened the curtains and let the warm light stream through our living room. 

(via)I am trying to embody the overused and adorably sung phrase by every single little girl I know; "let it go". let's just try. I am sure there will be bitching and I am sure there will be frustration but I am also going to try to turn towards the light and feel the warmth on back even just for a moment.  

So even as we ask why? Why more snow? Why more shoveling? Why more cold? Take a minute to look at the way the snow sparkles when it is freshly fallen. Take a moment to look at your child or any child's face full of joy as they try to catch fresh snowflakes in their mouth. Drink the at times cloyingly sweet hot chocolate with marshmallows either in the mug or on the side. And last but not least look to the calendar and remember that in a few short months Spring will be knocking on our doorstep. I am intimately aware that Spring will come because when the snow melts and the green buds poke out of the trees and the daffodils peek up from the dirt we will be welcoming our new family member. So bundle up, double up your socks and head out into it. this too shall pass.

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