After a rough day mid-week when Ollie and I got nailed with a 24 hour stomach bug the sunshine has been a welcome sight. Oliver has been doing a lot of "reading" lately. And by reading I mean reciting books that he knows by heart. Some of them are quite long and involved and he amazes me with just how much specificity he remembers. We have so many books in our house. A literal children's library. And you know what? I love it. Sure we could stand to clean out some of the silly, junky ones purchased for airplane trips but I love how Oliver will dig through and find a new stack of books to love on for a week or two and then moves on to different stories. Really you will never see me complain about too many books! A bibliophile just like his Mama.

my boys.  Oliver and Matt have such an awesome relationship. I love when we are all out together to see how he acts differently with Matt versus me. 

cutting takes a lot of concentration. A. LOT.

noshing on a bagel before swim class.

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