Taste it: Clear Flour Bread

I may be a bit forgetful at the moment. I blame the pregnancy brain but I had an absolute stroke of genius over the weekend. We should go to Clear Flour Bread! Why is that genius you may ask? One thing: morning bun with walnuts. One of the most perfect and amazing breakfast treats in Boston. How do I know this? Well back in the day when Matt and I spent our summers in dodgy Allston/Brighton summer sublets we came across this teeny, tiny bakery just off of Commonwealth Ave. which you can smell before you can see. Their breads are divine and their treats are sinful and on the weekends be prepared to wait in a line which stretches half a block or more. But trust me, it is so worth it.  The sad crime of it all, we have not been to Clear Flour Bread since moving to Cambridge. A travesty, I know. So this weekend I decided that we would remedy that and oh boy was it worth the wait! Of course I got a morning bun with walnuts and we also got a petite sourdough batard to turn into yummy grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. delicious. 

see?! Oh my lord is it amazing. Not too sweet or overfilled with walnuts and the perfect satisfying crunch on the exterior. 

silly signage. 

Waiting patiently (more or less). And yes, it is the end of March and we are still wearing hats and gloves...ugh.  

more signage. 

The counter is tiny and the rest of the space is for the bakery. Fine by me because look at all of the gorgeous breads they create! 

yummy treats! everything from rustic apple tarts to divine croissants and of course the glorious morning bun!

So if you are in Boston and looking for an amazing place to get bread or a treat look up Clear Flour Bread and you will not be disappointed. Now that my tastebuds have been wetted I will certainly not be staying away for such a long time. It is well worth the drive across the river. 

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