Wes Anderson...Who wants to go to Milano?!

Perhaps it is because I am feeling a wee bit stir crazy getting settled with Huck and recovering from my c-section but when I saw this article I sort of started planning fantastical trips in my head to Milano and sit my rear down this cafe, Bar Luce that Wes Anderson designed. I love Wes Anderson. I love his cinematic style, everything in a lovely muted palette and all his films are shot in a very symmetrical manner which to me is very aesthetically pleasing. Filled with vintage table and old-school pinball machines, Bar Luce is Art Deco perfection. It is just what you would expect from the director of The Royal Tenenbaums and The Grand Budapest Hotel. So who is with me? A cappuccino con doppio for me and perhaps a fabulously, whimsical outfit...see I told you my brain is going crazy. 

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