Michigan. Little Cottage. 2015

Get ready for a whole bunch of pictures! Our family trip to Michigan this year was wonderful. We were there for about two and half weeks and we had some fabulous beach days, a few chilly days and a lot of time with family and friends. It continues to amaze me that when you take the routine of "regular" life away that you slip into another completely different routine. Michigan routine goes about like this; get up, eat breakie, decide whether to go the big beach or the little beach, go to said beach, play and swim until you are hungry, eat, nap, go to the other beach, go home for dinner and bed. Play that on repeat and that is our time at the Little Cottage. It is a very special place to me and I am so happy that all of my boys love it as much as I do. So browse through to see a pictorial study in our time at Sylvan Beach. 


107th Jinxs Folley 

watching very intently 

all the kiddos 

having a ball with my waterbug 

one penny to ride the horse at Meijer! 

Ainslie + Oliver. peas in a pod. 

my babies.

a trip to USS Silversides, a WW II sub 

a trip to Lewis Farm to feed the crazy goats and run around on an overcast day

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