Whistler 2/3

It was a real treat to see snow! I know, I know last year all we did was complain about getting nailed by snowstorm after snowstorm but this year before our trip we had not seen nary a flake. And I do love Winter. I love playing in the snow so it was nice to finally be privy to some of the white stuff. 

One of the fabulous aspects of going to Whistler was that there were a lot of activities to do beyond the ski slopes. Whistler village is a fun place to eat and walk around but there is also ice skating and sledding and a tubing park. On our first full day at Whistler we jumped right in. Going skating and eating lunch at a pub. Then later that night Oliver and I went back to the mountain to see the Fire and Ice show which made for an exciting end to the day. 

Then it was time to hit the slopes. Oliver had ski school for three days and so Matt and I took turns watching Huck and skiing. I have not been skiing in a couple of years but I was pleasantly surprised to get my feet under me and really enjoyed exploring all of the mountains and various terrain.

loving the snow!

Huck meet snow, snow meet Huck.

skating adventures. I think Oliver thought he would just cruise around like the hockey players we watch on the telly. hmmm, no such luck buddy boy, it takes a lot of practice. 

out at the mountain at night for the Fire and Ice show. 

Oliver got a light up swizzle stick thing...fun was had. 

jumper through the ring of fire. 

big boys. 

watching the ski tech get all of his kit ready for ski school. 

Ready to rock. Oliver did so well at ski school (even after he peed his pants on the mountain) he started in level 1 and moved up each day, finishing by advancing to level 2! pretty good for his first out West ski adventure and his first time on skis for the season.

   a few shots I took out on the mountains.

  it is so majestic out West.

windy and cold the day I went up to the peak of Whistler.

ski bum.

goofball living it up.

love my adventurous, brave big boy. 

 if you are ever in Whistler you must run, not walk to Pure Bread. It is an amazing bakery and coffee shop. gluttonous. 

more skating with daddy

the snuggle is real back at the condo. 

cheers! a big finale dinner out on our last night. 

I did say BIG didn't I. Still holding his french fry. 

We had a great trip to Whistler. It was overall really family friendly and we were so thankful to have a condo to go back to each night. It gave everyone some much needed down time. I definitely see us making our way back to the mountains of Whistler for another family holiday!

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