From the back. That is my sweet spot. At the base of their necks. It is always warm and smells distinctly of my bugs, my boys. It is my favourite place to kiss and tell them that even when they tower over me, they will both always be my babies. 

Oliver has seemed to really turned a corner with his attitude (thank goodness!). I mean we still have some strife but he is not as much of a ball of rage that he was a few weeks ago. He still is clearly working on expressing himself and being heard but he has not been as sassy which makes our days start and end on a much more happy note. One thing that has really helped is making sure he is looking at us when we are talking to him and when he has something to say to us. Seems basic but when he does not do it he claims he did not hear us or that he just plum forgot. So we are all working on making more eye contact and being clear on our expectations. 

Huck is hopefully rounding the corner with his teething. He has two bottom teeth and one coming in on the top. But his mouth has a whole bunch just lying in wait under the surface. He really struggles some days with his teeth coming in and who can blame him? But it's totally different from Oliver who would calmly go to bed one night and wake up in the morning with four new teeth and would not make a peep over it. It really is interesting to find out how different Huck and Ollie really are. Their personalities. Their emotions. Their gross motor versus fine motor skills. It's intriguing to watch how they each tackle milestones in a different manner. 

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