Another week almost complete...I hear you Friday, knocking on my door. It's been a pretty good week around these parts. Oliver is in a great groove at school and I love hearing all of the stories and projects he is working on. We also firmed up summer camp plans this week...whew, who knew that could be so stressful (and expensive!). But well worth it in my book because goodness me Oliver thrives on routine and I know that he would bug me every day pestering me to come up with plans all summer long! We still have time carved out for beach days and the sort but I know he will love having activities planned for him, heck we even signed him up for rock climbing camp! I want to go.  

Huck, oh Huckleberry...the time came this week. The time to sleep train. We are fairly staunch "cry it out" folks around here so as much as it pains my mama heart it does work (Oliver is proof) and Huck is already sleeping so much more consistently and through the night! Woohoo! So I am happy that we were finally able to carve out a space to sleep train him between colds and teething and life. Hopefully he keeps doing well and by the time daylight savings comes we will be in a good spot (darn you daylight savings!).

 my small living room...every morning...afternoon and evening...toy explosions. 


can you hear the chuckle?

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