Up and at em. Busy boys. Keeping me on my toes these days. Ollie had a bout of strep throat and then Huck decided to throw in an ear infection. Fun times. So between getting everyone well and waiting for Spring to fully appear I am just sort of doing the daily grind. Plus meal planning has become such a burden I feel stuck in a rut! Dinner woes.  

We are around for Easter weekend and we may even go to the rock gym and Oliver will climb for easter eggs! 


watching the sun stream in.

 blueberry pancakes...to fix what ails you.  

boxes are the best...fly me to the moon!

two boys. a box. they are beginning to play together a bit and it is really sweet. 

and of course the grand finale...he is walking...well at least with a walker and looks a bit like a stroke victim...but it's a start.

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