ski weekend.

Ok, folks we did it! Another weekend trip on the books. Just me and my littles. All in all it was a really fun trip. The weather was gorgeous. Oliver skied hard both days and learned a few tricks (ahem, skiing backwards!). Huck and I explored some of the back roads of New Hampshire in search of yummy breakfast foods and we all hunkered down in the hotel and watched the Good Dinosaur before tucking into bed only to be awoken at a very early hour by an excited Huck who would not stop saying, "Oliver...Oliver...Oliver" (sounds more like Oli-ber). He succeeded in waking his brother so there were more snuggles and a bit of morning telly watching before heading out for more pancakes and more skiing for Oliver. While Oliver skied, Huck and I walked around Concord and hit up the L.L. Bean outlet. Then we packed up (it looked like we were ready to stay for a week) and headed back to Pats Peak to retrieve Oliver and head home. The ride home was probably the most challenging part of the entire trip seeing as Huck decided to serenade us with his screams and cries, all for no apparent reason. Needless to say we were happy to pull into our driveway. It is exhausting traveling solo with both boys but it is worth it and I really have enjoyed seeing Oliver gain so much confidence in his skiing this winter.  Click through to see all the pictures!

School House Cafe. Super cute and really yummy.  

Huck approved.  

travel buddy 


Mr. Independent 

so proud! 

swimming! Huck was a bit skeptical but not once did he cry. It just took him awhile to crack a smile.


movie and dinner...on a bed...such a thrill. 

Only one person was pleased as punch to be up before 6am. 


Intervale Pancake House. amazing spot. they have a sugar house in the back where they make all of their maple syrup. 



jelly towers. 

so fun.

so proud.

love them both.

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