Mr. Museum Hands, I taught him well. 
Happy as a clam to be out and about. 

Wow, so it has been a busy, busy week and frankly I'm exhausted! It was Oliver's school vacation and rather than getaway we did a good old "staycation". And let me tell you we did it up! Monday was the running of the Boston Marathon aka Marathon Monday aka Patriot's day. We headed over to Brookline to watch the runners struggle through the rather warm weather, it was a beautiful day to watch but not necessarily to run a marathon, let alone the Boston Marathon. So congrats to any and all who rocked it out! Then it was just me and my boys for the most part (my mom came up to play on Tuesday). So in order to keep busy and be outside (thank you Spring!) we went to Drumlin Farm and Oliver ran around with friends until he could run no more. We also met up with friends out to Weezie's garden in Wellseley which is a fabulous playground/park/garden that had a sand pit with dino bones and fairy houses and plenty of ponds to peek into. Then we capped off the week with a trip to the MFA with Ollie's buddy Benjamin and we just let the boys lead us around. We saw just about everything there was to see from the Contemporary Art to the Period Rooms to the Egyptian mummies.  It was an epic morning spent wandering around a beautiful space. Throw in some afternoons at the park and an upcoming weekend full of activities and I would say that we are getting good at squeezing every last drop out of our free time. I love it. I have busy boys and I like to think it will keep me young but my feet hurt and I'm ready for those busy boys to tuck in for the night. 

Lots of pictures after the click through. 

 waiting for the runners.
 Oh Henry...smile!
 two boys in a burley.
 stud muffin
 me and my boys.
 first time rocking the back carry with my Tula...Huck loved it!
 giant chair at Weezie's garden.
 Lotus Flower sculpture outside of the MFA.

 my version of "Whistler's Mother".
 waiting for gelato.
 our fearless leaders.
happy vacation...now where's the wine and my nap?

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