gardens and yards as big as parks.

Over the weekend we headed to Mahoney's Garden Center to plot and plan our container garden for the Spring and Summer. We did not purchase anything seeing as we still had our fleece jackets on but it it nice to think of having a bit more of a garden this year with tomatoes and runner beans and kale because last year we were a bit more concerned with growing our newborn rather than tending to a garden . 

Phase two of our weekend was a trip out to Sherborn for a lovely lunch with friends who are close as family. I grew up running around in their backyard, climbing up the treehouse, cooking in the kitchen and watching plenty of movies snuggled under blankets in the basement. Oliver is comfortable visiting their home and is always a bit amazed by the big backyard. In fact when he was younger he stated upon leaving that he could not believe that Auntie Abby has a whole park behind her house! Oh my little city boy. 

Always entranced with "Auntie" Liz, she tells the best stories and is amazing with kids (it's no wonder she is fabulous teacher).

Abby and Priscilla were so sweet to dig out Duplo Legos from the attic so there were toys for little hands to play with. 

And of course if you grew up in Sherborn then you know this sight. C&L Frosty's is an institution of ice cream, grilled cheese and raspberry lime rickeys. We stopped for a little ice cream treat for the ride home. 

back home. heading to our park...still wearing fleece and hats. Come on Spring!

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