off to the big top.

Last weekend, on a bit of a whim I took Oliver to see the Big Apple Circus. The Big Apple Circus has been coming into town since I was a little kid but I do not remember the last time that I went to see the show. I was a bit wary of the content, would there be sad animals? Would the performers be any good? Well, let me tell you, it was so much fun! The theme for the show this year was 1920's travel and the entire show was presented in a traditional vaudeville style which I think made it much more approachable than the traditional masquerade of creepy clowns and whatnot. The show was almost 2 hours long with an intermission but it moved right along with fun acts ranging from a juggler to two acrobats in spinning metal wheels to supremely strong men doing handstands in unison. 

Before the show we walked around government center, grabbed lunch in Quincy market and ate under the rotunda. Then we walked back to the big top and found our (amazing) seats where we chatted about the lighting and met one of the clowns. We settled in for the show and I smiled as Oliver ooh and ahhh at the spectacle. 

Then came the highlight for me (and for Oliver) he was chosen out to the entire audience to participate in a skit. He marched right out into the middle of the ring and proudly followed directions as he recieved a clown nose "transplant". I was so proud of him! He is five and had such poise and presence and smiled and laughed. I would have never even been so brave to raise my hand at his age.

So for a rainy Saturday with minimal plans Oliver and I ended up knocking it out of the park with a fun filled trip to the Big Apple Circus. 

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 lunch in Quincy market.

 the big top!

 very intently watching all of the acts.

 off he goes!

 the transplant was a success!

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