Oliver, helping around the garden and Huck, looking too cool for lunchtime.   

We wrapped up our Memorial Day weekend with a trip to the MFA exhibit entitled, Megacities Asia. I have wanted to go for awhile and I really thought that Oliver would enjoy it. The museum was crazy busy with a line running down a city block. Thankfully, we are members so we got to bypass the line. We sort of sulked by the poor folks visiting from out of town clutching their umbrellas, waiting in the rain. The last time we went to the MFA Huck exceeded my expectations and we stayed for hours but this time, it was crowded and Huck was not feeling it. He was fussy, cranky and overall a pain in the rear so after we went through the exhibit we had to leave with promises to Oliver to go back to see the mummies and Contemporary Art another day. Can I gloat for a moment at how much my oldest enjoys going to museums!? Makes me super happy and proud. 

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