Summer time swimmer. The pool is open and Oliver is at a longer day camp this week so he has been begging to go. So earlier this week after camp pickup without Huck and without thunderclouds over head I took him to the pool. I did not have my swimsuit so I let him go along. I showed him how far he could go and although it was a bit nerve wracking he did great and I could see that he was really proud of himself. The pool is still a bit chilly so we did not stay long and plus there was dinner to made so out he came, a bit blue in the lips but so fulfilled to have gotten in the pool for a dip. 

Oh jeez. This boy. He is a mess. A cute mess. But a mess. How so? Well do you see those three, yes three bottles on his table. We make them before bed and if he needs one during the night you pop the bottom and it mixes the formula as you need it (thank you, Mixie). But recently he has been eating ALL of them. In one night. That means that he has been getting up three times in the night. THREE times. He is 13 months old for Pete's sake. He used to sleep through the night or only get up once. So we need to work on that. I'm thinking of trying to put him down to sleep earlier. I have read that that can reset his biorhythms. We also need to stop feeding him in the middle of the night but that has become a bit of a crutch because until recently one could just feed him, put him down and then walk away knowing you were not going to hear from him until 6am(ish). So yeah. A full night of sleep is well, a bit of a dream at the moment. 

But look how sweet they are! Oliver has been at camp and Huck is full on walking now. He mostly would rather walk than be carried. At times it means it takes us much longer to get where we are going but my goodness he is proud of himself and Oliver is such a sweet helper. 

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