A quick, late in the evening post before the weekend gets rolling. We have friends coming into town and I am on airport pickup duty and in what seems to be an all too much expected incident among traveling these days their flight was delayed a mere 3 hours. Whoopie. Go airline travel. But I am the night owl of this bunch so I am happy to stay up, watch some stupid telly and ramble on this little slice of the internet. 

Ok, back to the two nuggets seen above. Oliver has been at rock climbing camp this week and I do believe his cool factor has gone up exponentially. I mean really?! Just look at him. And I love how comfortable he is when I drop him off...he just walks in, gets his climbing shoes (size 1, the green ones if you please) and then off he goes! I wish I had been that confident at his age! 

And then there is Huck. Also a confident little bug but a bit more wary to jump right in. He is so thoughtful and wants to watch and then participate. He also does not seem to have his brother's attention span, seeing as I could sit for what seemed like hours and read book after book to Oliver whereas Huck will bring you a book and you get through one maybe two pages. It is fun to see what is similar and what is different as they grow older. 

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