Me and my boys. I love them with every fiber of my being. I have so many ideas and dreams and hopes for the men that they will become. 

They are also both well versed in the ability to drive their mother insane. But not matter how crazy it gets and how tired I feel I truly would not change a thing. Maybe I would change the hour that Huck wakes up at (really buddy 5am, again?!) or how Oliver is sooooo slow and laborious when he sits down to a meal (you love chicken tacos...just eat it!). But overall I consider myself a lucky lady to watch these mini men grow and change and shift. 

Parenting is a tough gig and there are days that I wish I could just call in sick or hide in my bedroom with a lot of coffee and a good book. But that's the trick about becoming a parent. You see so much of yourself reflected in your children; the good and the bad bits and you have to confront those parts of yourself in them even if they are bits that you are still struggling with (ahem, my temper). But as I said before, they are mine and I get to keep them and I get to be a part of them growing up. What a treat. 

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