The fall institution around our house came and went this weekend. The 52nd year of the rowing of the Head of the Charles regatta. Every year Matt's crews compete on Saturday (go CRI!) and then on Sunday we all head down as a family where we watch a bit of racing, run into people that we (or let's be honest, Matt knows) and take in the festive air.

It's amazing to me that my wonderful husband has taken a passion and turned it into a unique, thriving career. Not only does he get to work on the Charles River but he gets to work at one of the most creative and forward thinking boathouses in the country, if not the world. Community Rowing Inc. truly is a special place and I am beyond proud that Matt has taken every opportunity that knocks on his door.

And side note, rowing is how we met. I was a coxswain in high school and was not expecting to row in college but upon arrival at Denison University, I was pleasantly surprised to find a small, inviting rowing program. So I signed up and met some truly wonderful people, of course my favourite being Matt. So although crew is a sport that not everyone knows much about it is a small piece of the foundation that helped to build our relationship and I have been along for the ride to watch Matt grow and change in the sport. So it's a treat to be able to have my boys see the their dad doing what he loves day in and day out. It makes those early mornings and weekend rowing events all worthwhile.

 Just call me sherpa mama.
 watching from Eliot Bridge.

 checking out the trophies.

 Matt's gold medal winning crew.
 testing out the medal stand.
 finally free from the backpack!

 he *almost* fell in!

 crazy mini man.

 last year, Ollie was too short to do the Gentle Giant run/slide thing. this year, just right!

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