Link it: a few random thoughts.

ok so this is a bit of a mish mash of links this week but here goes!

First up is this article in the Boston Globe.

Diehard Red Sox supporters bond over their beards

By Billy Baker


I am a Bostonian, therefore i am thrilled about the Boston Red Sox appearing in the World Series! And just like in 2004, there was the "Cowboy Up" phrase being thrown all over the city this time it is facial hair and "fear the beard".  Boston guys are jumping on the bandwagon and growing impressive amounts of facial hair to support and show their undying devotion to their hometown team. The only thing about this whole "fear the beard" bit is that i lived in San Francisco in 2011 when the Giants played in the World Series and so i really do consider Brian Wilson to be the man with "the" beard. But hey whatever works in sports, right?!

Next up is the most amazing, hilarious, and redemptive video I have seen in a long time.  That being said unless you have had a baby and endured labor then you probably won't get as much joy out of this as I did.  In this video two men and dads volunteer to have electrodes attached to their abdomens to simulate the pain of contractions. amazing. hilarious. and spot on reactions ensure. Seriously, watch it.

And now onto the last link this week.  A bit of fashion.  So you know when you find a pair of shoes that you love and wish you had bought three pairs of? These boots win that prize for me right now. They are comfortable. I can wear socks with them and they look great with jeans and leggings, it's a win win. And here is the real kicker, they are on SALE. 

 have a lovely weekend.

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