Love it: lists

Even though everyone has a smartphone in their pocket and can swipe, record, and collate list at the touch of a button, I still really enjoy a tangible to-do list.  There is something about putting something, anything down in ink and then once the goal is accomplished the gratification that comes with scratching it off the list! It is the simple things for me, really.  So with that being said I also adore paper products.  In fact it is a bit of a vice for me. I always have a notebook in my bag, car, next to the bed, and in the kitchen.  And if I see a cute notebook I will probably purchase it even if I do not need another one! 

A company that I have adored pretty much from first sight is Rifle Paper Co.  The company is a husband and wife team and all of their designs are bold and graphic but also have a strong pull from nature. I currently have one of their iPhone covers, a cheeky notepad in my kitchen, and a bold floral one in my bag, see I told you, a bit obsessed.  

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