Love it: Coffee in unexpected places.

So I read this interesting article this morning about how Starbucks is opening a full store inside of a train car.  Now if you live in a city here in the States do not get too excited because this is all happening in Switzerland. 

As I read this it got me thinking about a couple of different things, first it feels like Starbucks is trying to reclaim some of the act of travel which I appreciate because it so often feels like a cattle call as soon as you step on a plane, buckle into a car or climb onto a train. I appreciate the desire to make the act of travel a bit more pleasurable and aesthetically amiable seeing as most trains in the US seem to be stuck either in the 70's or early 90's. The second part of this article that struck me was of course that this is all occurring in Europe, where traveling by train is embraced and far more ubiquitous than it is Stateside. Having lived abroad this is certainly something that I miss and even though I still live in a metropolitan city with access to public transportation which we use, we do drive more often than not.  

I am thrilled that Starbucks is trying to reclaim some of the dare I say it comfort of travel and the idea that getting from point A to point B does not have to be such an act of drudgery. See also this fabulous article from Huffington Post, "9 Lessons From Our Grandparents" about more travel and embracing that shocking idea of living life with friends and family. 

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