Heading home after another fun morning at "school". Now if I could only get him to behave as nicely for me as he does for his teachers, this boy has been really pushing boundaries and my buttons these past few days.

Keep reading for more snippets of our days.

I enjoy running more in flashy shoes.

Celebrating a birthday at school.

The almighty "hoodsie" cup 1/2 vanilla 1/2 chocolate, apparently these wonders of my childhood are a New England only item.

Look at the crazy pumpkin colors!

Well done Mother Nature.

My bug loves his books.

Meme came up to visit for a night this weekend. Ollie got to show her his mad skills on the "Endless ABC" app. If you have a toddler, buy this app and you can thank me later. 

While Meme was I town Matt and I got a date night, whoop! I had a very nice beer with dinner but did not realize until it came to the table that it was 40 oz, oops.

On Veteran's day Oliver and I headed to Andy's Diner for some breakie.

Of course we were accompanied by trains.

And coffee was consumed, lots of coffee.

Then we grabbed the train to Harvard Sq. really Ollie would have just ridden the train all day.

So happy.

A sweet little gift from a man in the coffee shop before heading home.

I am really trying to enjoy the fall weather before the snow flies (ahem, it snowed this morning. Just a wee bit).

Can someone please tell him to stop growing? Seriously, look at how massive his feet are!

Love this guy.


The Land of Nod pop-up holiday shop has some fabulous gift ideas. The camper? Amazing. If only we had the space to put it some where.

This is Luna's convincing look. She is trying to convince me that it is her dinner time, it was not.

Lots of forts and caves and sheds being built around here. That and a lot of dancing, with air guitar and drums and yes, a video is on its way.

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