Love it: More snow?! Love or hate?

Ok, seriously Winter, what is your deal?  I am completely down with some snow, heck even a large dumping of snow, but these tricky storms that the weathermen cannot predict must end.  Currently outside my window there is a mass of heavy, wet snow and it just keeps coming. This was supposed to be a storm that dropped some snow and was a wintry mix after that. This is not what is happening outside. Harumph. 

So after one has put said child down for a nap to go out and shovel only to have the steps for covered by the time one heads back inside, what are you to do? Feel like this article. Perhaps. But onward folks, onward!

I say admire the lovely flowers your boys bought you as an early Valentine's Day gift and get some brownies in the oven (mmmmm....brownies) and invite Oliver's friends to come over and get their crazies out later in the day. 

Add in some conversation hearts, fun straws and cute Valentine's lollipops and I say move over snow we are going to love being indoors...cue convincing voice. Oh well, I am going to go stalk my brownies and not eat all of them, perhaps just a nibble. Oh and I also bought a pack of hot pink balloons to test out Joanna Goddard's theory about toddlers and balloons!

I am working very hard to love today, but man is the weather making it hard. 

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