Make it: Wear your heart on your sleeve, literally.

Remember that hot pink fabric paint I used in the Valentine's Day napkins? Well, why let a whole bottle of hot pink delight go to waste when you can make a cute, easy t-shirt to tastefully show your heart on your sleeve. Enter a special Friday, Make it! Hurray!

First you will need to make a small stencil. I just used a small sheet of paper and cute a sweet, petite heart.


Figure out your placement. I decided to use a short sleeve shirt and put a heart of the center of each sleeve.

Load up you paintbrush and carefully sweep the paint in towards the center of the stencil, taking care not to get under the stencil.

Et voila! A delightfully discret heart on the sleeve of an ordinary v-neck t-shirt.

All done. Ready to go! Happy Valentine's Day!

t-shirt from Target

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