This is going to be quite a smattering of photos. My mom (meme) came into to town for a couple of days and we took her to the Museum of Science and to Shake Shack for lunch. It has been a jam packed Wednesday but those are almost always the best kind of days around here.

So keep reading for more picture from our museum outing as well as some glimpses into our days around town.

entranced by the kinetic ball machine.

it truly is still my favourite part of the museum...

my mom's as well.

a nice view of Boston. 

my little museum lover.

we learned stuff.

we also took his scoot bike for a ride to get an afternoon hot cocoa yesterday, chilly but fun.

hot cocoa, madeleine cookies and watching scoot bike viedos. 

@school...building stuff. 

building stuff with buddies.

little chairs around a little table.

reading a book before pick up.

hugs for daddy at an event at the boathouse. 

post nap snugs, always propped up reading a book.

planes, trains and automobiles. 

have you heard of Cuppow? turns a mason jar into a portable cup....genius (and a local company).

we needed olive oil but I may have purchased this variety based solely on the graphic design. 

cute book of kid friendly crafts, now if I could just get Oliver to sit still for more than three minutes!

wardrobe staple. jeans and ankle boots. 

I cannot leave a bookstore with less than five items, it is just impossible. 

tasty 'que for dinner. 

Oliver may be jumping the gun a little bit on flip flop weather but hey a boy can dream, right? 
sleepy Luna. clearly my photo was interrupting her beauty sleep.

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