Love it: Lucy Snowe Photography

Lucy Snowe is a photographer who uses her camera to create still-life style snapshots of the beautiful and mundane with a particular emphasis on the Mid Century style. I love the dream-like quality of her photos which to me they harken back to the hot muggy days of August when everything seems to radiate heat and everyone moves at a crawl. 

Keep reading for gorgeous images.

Her female swimmer series reminds me of a Wes Anderson film, perhaps the capped woman is Margot Tenenbaum taking a summer dip.

The saturated color palette and sharp focus truly transforms the images into fine art that draws in your eyes and tells a different story for every viewer. 

To me that is the magic of photography. You can take away any preconceived notions about a setting or object and release it to the viewer to interrupt as they deem fit. You have the power over the lawn chairs, the building, the swimmer; you get to tell the story and fill in the details. Magic. 

Lucy Snowe has a strong sense of whimsy and uses the power of juxtaposition to give the viewer breadcrumbs of information as they look at her images: humor and beauty, modern and vintage, masculine with feminine.  So there you go, dreaming of hot summer dips and long walks outside with the tall grass tickling my calves. Love it. 

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