Oh summer time! You have arrived and we are trying to soak up the pleasant sunny days and cool nights of June before the hot muggy weather settles over the city later in the summer. 

we planted a few herbs and tomato plants on our patio and Oliver has been a great helper watering them in the morning before camp.

continue reading to see our adventures as of late...

a A couple of weekends ago we went up to the North shore, originally to go to the Vintage Bazaar but I got the days wrong, oops! So instead we went to Newburyport and walked around and enjoyed some ice cream.   

sticky, sweet baby kisses. the best kind.

Two of my best friends, Abby and Liz met Oliver and I at Drumlin Farm for Strawberry Day! We each got a quart and headed off into the fields to pick delicious, ruby red strawberries. It was a blast and I loved watching Oliver run around the fields with Abby and Liz.

looking for the berries.

found one!

starting to fill the quart.

Then Oliver found the most MASSIVE berry. He was pretty thrilled and then he ate it, silly boy.


questing for the good ones.

the bounty.

my favourite people.

Drumlin Farm was gorgeous!

wooley sheep.

so fluffy.

Then we headed back up to Crane beach and clearly Oliver was thrilled!

have fun in the sun.

building sandcastles.

hanging out in the office.

handsome face.

cleaning his scooter. 

chatting with daddy at the park.

drawing our house. 

chilling and drawing and giggling with Annie.

Kickass cupcakes for my 32nd birthday!

hamming it up before camp.

Matt and I watched Tiny (a documentary about teeny tiny houses) last night so it is appropriate that Oliver now has his own tiny house in our dining room!

taking my polka dotted espadrilles (a birthday present to myself) out for a walk this morning!

So that is our summer thus far and I am looking forward to more adventures and beach time as the days tick by.

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